The Waiting Game

A group of five young men sit waiting for the inevitable in an old farm home, in the small midwestern town where they all grew up.

Their parents have all passed away. The government and military chain of command have both collapsed do to a virus outbreak, causing one small battalion of army personnel to go AWOL, crossing paths with the five young men, and the women and children they hold dear.

Less armed and outnumbered, can the men protect what they have left? Food and land, ammunition, their women and children, their only reasons for living, or will they fall to the hands of men with greedy, insatiable appetites, men who lack humanity, and hold the desires of the devil himself?

This dramatic thriller uses the external battle of good versus evil to illustrate what drives human beings, what tells them to keep on fighting, and that holding on is worth it in…

thewaiting gamecover

(Book cover created by Denis Lenzi,

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