How Do You Take Your Morning Coffee?

“…the minds of men, which like fluids always adjust to the level of the objects that surround them, become hardened…” – Cesare Beccaria

How do you take your coffee? With sugar? Milk? Black? Alongside the morning news, Facebook or twitter feeds? Or do you do crosswords to get your mind going in the morning? Or, maybe, you never really gave it much thought…

There is an expression, You are what you eat. And, there is another expression, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The essential idea in both messages is that what we put in, we get out.

When we watch a scary movie before bed, is it really a wonder why we have strange dreams or nightmares that night? Similarly, if the first thing we do each day is read all of the horrible stories in our news feed, or on TV, should we not expect to be more anxious or worried all day? What would happen if you read, or wrote, or listened to something empowering first thing in the morning?

The fact is, even for the toughest of people, are minds are incredibly sensitive instruments.

We have the option to choose what type of mental and emotional chemistry we want to create in our mind. This will then guide virtually all of our actions in life. It is important, therefore, that we choose how we take our morning coffee.

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