A Mountain to Climb


                    excursion-machupicchu                          (Image taken from Creative Commons)

 Creativity, intuition, genius, prophet: these words describe a dark and mysterious force that has lent itself a certain kind of magic  to some people, a magic that we envy and worship. It is often in the categories of music, drama, athletics, and academics that we bestow upon people such words: think of the musical genius of Beethoven and Mozart; we admire the talent of our favorite actor or actress; we are enchanted and mesmerized by the dancer’s movement; we worship the creative intuition of famous writers, such as Hemingway, Austen and Poe; we marvel at the prophet, the epitome of genius itself, in Albert Einstein. We believe these people have something extra we don’t have, a kind of divinity. It’s likely, however, that it is all of the things these people didn’t have weighing them down that gave them the magical ability to fly above the rest….

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