On the Beginning


circle evolvent  by Lazur URH

 The wise say it never begins and it never ends; there are openings and closings, but, ultimately, it all just goes round and round. In the case of Christianity, God created the world, and, thus, we have a beginning. However, then I must ask, who created God, and when? And, if He has always been and always will be, then don’t we once again have no beginning and no end? History, then, is only a specified point in infinity that we call now, the present, the last 5,000 years or so. Similarly, science has given us an approximate beginning called the Big Bang, a beginning dated approximately 14 billion years ago – the time frame is difficult for our human minds to comprehend. Still, I ask, what was present before the Big Bang? Nothing, you say? Well, imagine nothing – this is another concept our minds have a difficulty in understanding; show me nothing and I will show you something…

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