A Cover: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

You can hear the sound cranking from the garage most mornings. A couple in their fifties walking their dogs witnesses a crazy man listening to loud noise, swinging an iron ball around, and hoisting it over his head triumphantly, calling it physical practice (sometimes called “working out”). Why can’t people be normal, the couple agrees.

But there is something about the noise, something very raw and energetic. That noise is the Willy Wonka of Rock and Roll, Jack White.

Jack is one of my favorite artists. I don’t know if he likes the title, but, I once read a Rolling Stone article about him, and the author of the article had referred to him that way, the Willy Wonka of Rock and Roll, and I must say, the title is rather fitting. Jack’s view of art and music has little to do with polished technicality, Conversely, it seems as though he is tapping into something on a moment to moment basis. Although I enjoy polished, technically sound work often times, there is something to be said about an organic, raw performance.

I recorded this video the other day, hoping to capture some of that raw energy on camera, the way Jack would.

Still, no one can do it quite like Jack and Meg.


Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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