Take Time To Remember

You and your environment are one and the same.

Sure, we can define certain aspects of ourselves and our environment. For instance, we define this is my body and that is yours, just like we define property lines, and this allows us respect and privacy. This is a good definition to have; it is an important distinction to make for life to run smoothly. Depending on your profession, interests and hobbies, you may define many different aspects of life.

But life is really one energy, mixing and twisting and turning, changing from hot to cold, from intense and chaotic to smooth and serene. Therefore, everything about you – your mood and emotions, body shape and fitness level, your health, etc. – depends on your environment.

Have you looked at your environment lately? Is your environment helping you or hurting you?

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, suggests that we spend some time alone every day.


Because while alone, we are better able to create our own environment. When we are alone we can find strength in our posture and breath. Our thoughts become deeper, and more meaningful, as our mind settles and becomes less turbulent. And we can remember. We can remember who we are, and why we decided to put ourselves here in the first place.

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