Distinct Uniqueness

Uniqueness is a distinction, a distinction that creates a boundary between what is unique – the thing or, often times, the person – and the rest of the world. We are all unique individuals, and our genetics are a road map to the expression of what makes us unique. Our identities come from our uniqueness, our distinction.

We creative type, the ones who identify ourselves as artists, often seek to understand or highlight our uniqueness. It’s what separates us from the crowd, and is usually where much praise comes from. He or she has such a unique voice, or interesting prose, or sound; as an artist, this is usually what we focus on cultivating. But, when we identify to closely with what makes us different, our uniqueness, the distinction, it can be very tough to feel at home in this great big world.

We are all human, let us not forget that fact. What makes us different is not as important as what makes us similar. Don’t try to be unique – you already are, and it will show in your work beautifully. Focus on being human, and understand what that means.

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